Differences Between Headhunters and Recruiters

Headhunters are companies or individuals that provide a labour recruitment service on behalf of employers independently. They are hired by companies to find talents and find individuals qualified for certain job requirements. Most people mistake this profession with recruiters. In fact, these are two different professions. So, what are the differences between the best headhunter and recruiter?

Headhunters vs Recruiters

According to The Muse, headhunters and recruiters are two different professions though both are parts of the Human Resources (HR) department. Headhunters work on behalf of an agency or individual who are asked by companies to find candidates to fill certain positions. These positions are generally the ones that need to be immediately filled and no one in the company can fill them. Headhunters can also work as a career coach.

Becoming a career coach does not only help headhunters to build networks with candidates, but also help to prepare candidates to face the recruitment process. On the other hand, recruiters are part of a company who are in charge of doing the recruitment process, from the selection process to making offerings to candidates who have passed the recruitment process. Recruiters work on behalf of their companies. Therefore, they have a lot more information about the job position offered, as well as other questions about the company itself.

Though the recruiter has internal recruitment goals, they also have a duty to perform employer branding to attract potential candidates’ interests. They also need to make sure that the candidates have all necessary information to make a solid career decision. These are what differentiate between the best headhunter and recruiter. If recruiters work on behalf of their companies, headhunters are professionals who work independently aka a third party.

Those are the things that differentiate between headhunters and recruiters. Are you still curious about these two professions?

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