French process zinc oxide

The Differences Between French Process Zinc Oxide And Wet Chemical Process

Manufacturers often process zinc metal into zinc oxide using several different methods. Two of the popular methods are the French process zinc oxide and the wet chemical process. This article is about discussing these methods. The information may help beginner producers to get the most effective methods to produce high-quality zinc oxide.  

French Process Zinc Onxide Method 

Don’t get confused if producers or suppliers call zinc oxide with the French method as a direct zinc oxide process. Both zinc oxide methods are the same. It is known as an ancient method yet one of the most effective ones to produce high-quality zinc oxide. 

The idea of this method is to achieve the zinc vapor first. Producers place the zinc metal in a container. Then, they melt the zinc in the 1200 degrees Celsius heat a few times. 

After that, they are about to turn the heat off and open the container. Slowly but surely, the temperature of the melted zinc metal reduces. At the same time, oxygen passes through the container. 

Oxygen plays an important role in this process. It has to contact with the melted zinc metal to form zinc oxide particles. Producers ensure that the temperature is warm or cold enough before collecting the zinc oxide particles. 

The main product is ready and the producers will deliver it to the manufacturers. The manufacturers will process the zinc oxide particles to create certain products, such as tires, sunscreens, and many more. 

Produce Zinc Oxide Using a Wet Chemical Process 

Indeed, the French process zinc oxide method is not the only method to produce zinc oxide. Producers also often apply the wet chemical process to get zinc oxide. The making process using the wet chemical method is more sophisticated compared to the French method. 

Producers have to dissolve zinc chloride or zinc sulfate in water. Then, they add sodium hydroxide to the mixture. Slowly but surely, the mixture starts to form zinc hydroxide. They will collect the zinc hydroxide and heat it. 

The idea of heating the zinc hydroxide is to produce zinc oxide. Despite its complex making, some producers pick this method because they can control the zinc oxide particle size. It is also a great way to get a variety of zinc oxide quality. Best of all, producers can sell some zinc oxide products in a single process cycle.  

As a beginner producer, you can choose whether to apply the French process zinc oxide method or the wet chemical process. The French method is a good option for producing high-quality zinc oxide. Yet, the wet chemical method is suitable if you want to produce zinc oxide in several grades to fill the demand.

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